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Below are some FAQ about our services, as well as some helpful tips when preparing for a photoshoot
  • What is your turn-around time for delivering your finished product?
    Our standard for delivery is 24 hours upon the time and date the photoshoot was taken. For example, if the photoshoot was taken at 2:00pm on a Tuesday. You should expect your photos to be delivered by Wednesday no later than 2:00pm. If for some reason our editors need more time, you will be notified and communicated of when you should expect your completed product.
  • How will I receive my completed photos and videos?
    All photos and videos will be delivered to you via email through our personalized media portal photo delivery. You will receive access to this file along with step-by-step instructions on how to download all photos and upload to MLS
  • How and when do I pay you?
    We accept cash, check, paypal, zelle, venmo, cashapp, and credit card payments made securely by our online electronic invoice system. You can pay on site, once the photoshoot has been completed, or after receiving your finished product by any of the mobile bank transfers mentioned, or with your credit or debit card.
  • Do you need the listing agent or the owner to be at the property?
    We don’t need anyone to be at the property, in fact our photographers are well experienced to know exactly what needs and what doesn’t need to be captured. We only need access to the property. If the listing agent or the owner want anything specific to be photographed, its best to communicate this before-hand to the photographer so that we don’t miss it.
  • How long will a photoshoot last?
    Time spent at a shoot varies upon the size and features of the house. But normally a shoot can last up to 45 minutes to an hour for smaller homes, and up to two hours for bigger luxury homes.
  • What areas do you service?
    We are located in Pembroke Pines, FL but we service all of South East-FL and some of Central FL for an additional cost.
  • How should I stage my property before the photoshoot
    Please note that our photographers are not there to stage or move anyone's belongings. We will move the bare-minimum to properly take a photo, but it is required that the home occupant and agent prepare the home to its best conditions prior to scheduling with one of our photographers. Here are some helpful tips to get your listing ready for the photoshoot. · Please keep pets out of sight or in a room where they can comfortably stay put while the photo session is taking place. · Hide all pet items such as doggy bowls, toys, beds etc. · Turn on all major light fixtures around the house (lamps can be kept off) · Hide or remove all trash cans (inside & outside of home) · Remove all garden tools including hoses & sprinklers. · Remove covers from BBQ’s · Sweep or blow-off driveways, sidewalks, or paver patios. · Keep swimming pool free of toys, floaties, balls etc. · Remove excessive leaves from pool. · Clear all kitchen countertops from non-relating kitchen utilities. · Remove magnets, notes, and personal photos off refrigerator. · If you do not want your personal photos to appear in the shot, please remove them. · All toilet seats down, hide bath products, remove floor mats, remove personal towels, and clear sinks from excessive amount of bathroom products. · Remove excessive shampoo bottles, or bathing products from shower or keep out of sight. · Shut off all ceiling fans, and televisions. · Do a thorough cleanup; make beds, clean floors, clean shower doors, sinks, etc. · Wipe down windows from any excessive stains.
  • Can I schedule any third-party vendors such as cleaning ladies or handymen the day of the photoshoot?
    We ask that you do not schedule any handymen, cleaning ladies, or any other 3rd party vendors the same day/time of our photoshoot. This can obstruct our workflow and disrupt our creativity.
  • If I need to cancel my photoshoot the day of, will I be charged a cancelation fee?
    If you are scheduled for a photoshoot with one of our photographers and need to cancel for any reason, you may do so no later than 9:00am the day of. If after 9am you decide to cancel, a cancellation fee may be applied. If our photographer shows up to the job site and the property does not meet our standards of quality. Such as, the home not being organized, dirty and or not ready for professional photography. The photo session can be cancelled, and a $60 rescheduling fee will be applied.
  • Can you work under heavy rain or bad gloomy weather?
    Light rain is not a problem for us, and we can definitely work under such weather conditions. However, if there is heavy rain the day of the photo session, then all exterior photography/videography cannot be performed. If client insists on continuing with the photo session and then decides to split the photo session in two separate days. Ex: Inside one day and then outside another day. Then a $60 reschedule fee will be applied. If client decides to reschedule photo session all together due to bad weather, then no reschedule fee is applied.
  • How do I upload my reel to Instagram?
    Step 1 – Open the Instagram app and go to your profile page. Once there, tap the + icon on the top right Step 2 – Tap the Reel option Step 3 – Tap the upload button on the bottom left Step 4 – Choose the video from your media library that you wish to upload Step 5 – Tap the “next” button on the top right. Step 6 – Tap the “next” button again if you do not wish to make any changes. If you want to change the song tap the music icon at the top. Step 7 – The last and final step is where you can add a caption, chose the cover photo or upload a thumbnail. Once completed, tap share and the reel will upload to your page.
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